Peevish's eighteenth performance, June 12, 2003,
411, Portland, Oregon

- alto saxophone, cd player
Wilson - hard disk recorder, monkey pod lute
Craig - tape player, clarinet
Spencer - tape player, drums
Everyone manipulated playback

Anorgasmic Woman
- alto saxophone

Been Spending Time Thinking About My Flaws
Craig, Wilson
- hitting with objects
Spencer - signal processing
"Zube Tube"/tin can/contact mic as source

To Honor the Memory of Your Memories
- alto saxophone
Wilson - toy plastic polyphonic saxophone
Spencer - bicycle, bicycle horn
Craig - broken Casio digital horn

The Enlightened Way to Lie
- alto saxophone
Wilson - open mic, fan
Spencer - mixer, monkey pod lute, contact mics, fan
Craig - contact mic, fan

PS -- I Just Tell the Ad Men, I Say, "How's the Ad Hawk Comin', Ad Man?" and it Infuriates Them, TO NO END!
- rochambeaux
Steve - Piskit lecture, Q & A
Dagmar Chili - Title

Noon Day Piss Truce
- clarinet
Wilson - Monkey pod lute
Spencer - childrens' shake/wobble toy
Steve - talking, piano, blindfold
Steve, blindfolded, wanders around, makes smalltalk with audience, locates piano, and joins in.

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